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PC: Stargate Worlds Mmorpg, Still Taking Closed Beta Apps


Starship Cadet
Hello There,

To go beyond the solitary iPhone thread on this message board. (no offense, muhahaha) :p

The PC version of Stargate Worlds Mmorpg is still taking closed beta applications. (look at the upper right hand corner from the link provided)

This is a massively multiplayer online role playing game set in the Stargate entertainment franchise. (Tv series and movies) Set before the "Stargate Atlantis" Tv show in the Pegasus galaxy but around 8 seasons into SG-1 Tv series.

Officially the closed beta period will go into full swing in mid-September. Right now those that have applied for the beta previously are being allowed into the closed beta in weekly batches.

Gene Steinberg

Forum Deity
Staff member
Thanks. As a long time fan of both Stargate series, this is fascinating. I'm not a gamer myself, but I hope our readers will take advantage of this.

One more thing: I finally got a copy of the Blu-ray "Extended" edition of the original Stargate movie, and it looks fabulous in the new high definition DVD format. :)


Starship Cadet
Hi There,

Gene Steinberg said:
I finally got a copy of the Blu-ray "Extended" edition of the original Stargate movie, and it looks fabulous in the new high definition DVD format. :)

Congrats, also this past July 29th "The Continium" DVD came out. Here's a link to the movie about Baal going back into Earth's history and thwarting the launch of the Stargate Program.

Also, each week when the "Stargate Atlantis" episode airs on the Sci-Fi channel. They give a sweepstakes code where the winner's likeness is made into a npc (non player character) in the upcoming "Stargate Worlds" Mmorpg.


Starship Cadet
Hi All,

"Stargate Worlds", the sci-fi MMO has officially started it's first phase of closed beta this past October 15th. The game developers just a week before transitioned to a new database system for the website, forum, etc... Which caused numerous errors and some lag to the website which has since then been fixed.

It did skew the closed beta applicants information under their beta applications logins. But the game dev's assured everyone that this won't effect anyone's chances for getting into the closed beta.

My opinion it was a boneheaded move transitioning to a new database system just one week of the official closed beta commencement. There must've been some internal offical politics or technological milestone or hiccup that needed to be met. Before they could get going onto the next phase of development, such as this database system that was implenmented. But, that's just my personal opinion which may be errorneus in nature. :D

Also last month i finally got to see on Video on Demand both recent Stargate DVD movie releases. Which were "Stargate: Continium & Stargate: The Ark" both were fun to see how the war with the Ori finally ended up overall and how Overlord Bal got his just desserts.

PS: The Stargate Worlds closed beta application is still available via there homepage.;)