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PC: Star Trek Online Rescued From The Ashes


Starship Cadet
Hello All,

For those not familiar of the recent ongoings with the Star Trek license for a Mmorpg game world. Cryptic Studios makers of City of Heros / City of Villians snapped up the STO (Star Trek Online) license from "Perpetual Entertainment" that went up in flames. ( CNN Article Aug. 8th )

Here's a link to the Videos section of the STO site. Where a working alpha game footage trailer was showcased this past Sunday in Las Vegas. With another accompanying video running around 45 minues with an introduction with Leonard Nimoy at the Hilton there within the Genne Roddenbery theater.

The last goodie for you folks is a sweepstakes that Cryptic Studios is providing ending this August 17th. Sweeptakes.

Five Winners Will Receive:

  • Retail copy of Star Trek Online
  • Lifetime subscription to Star Trek Online
Total estimated retail value: $550.00 (US)

All one needs to do to enter the sweeps is register at the STO site for free. (available only within the US)

But more to the point, the main focus of Star Trek these days appears to be what's being offered on Paramount+, a streaming service formerly known as CBS All Access: