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Alien aliens


Starship Cadet
Now that I am well into "Attack of the Rockoids", and I must say I am really enjoying it. I am starting to wonder more and more about what day to day life might be like for, shall we say average work a day aliens.

More specifically, what might be going on in their individual minds.

Things like hopes, dreams, desires, fears and also what great mysteries confront them. The way we do with what we label the paranormal.

I tend to think that where ever they may be technologically, there must always be a need for whatever life form, to have that sense of mystery. So to generate the desire to push back the frontiers of what is known.

These thoughts at least to me, have the effect of a feeling of connectedness to all things. Not necessarily love but some sort of connection. Even those pesky Rockoids I guess.

Sorry if I sound a little "woo woo" here but this is to me is why I like sci-fi. It inspires me with good thoughts. Cant imagine an unhappy ending to the series.

Keep it up guys, expect an order for book 2 soon :)


Gene Steinberg

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As you know book 2 came out, later than we wanted, but we finished it several years later. A manuscript for a Book 3 is under development. But Grayson's work schedule — he still lives and works in Madrid — has kept him from pursuing it much. But the ideas are still out there, and we will return to it soon.