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Format: Large Paperback, 270 pages, 6x9 ISBN: 1-893407-07-1 Publisher: Toad Hall Press

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Read sample chapters of both Book I and Book II: The Coming of the Protectors.

Reviewers Love Rockoids

"The father-son writing team of Gene and Grayson Steinberg have written a marvelous, fast paced story of interstellar warfare and star-crossed love. The battle scenes are so descriptive, you can see the space ships explode and be consumed by gigantic balls of flame. I enjoyed this story and the authors say there is more to come about the characters and the future world of the Rockoids. Fans of Star Wars and Star Trek will enjoy this story and look forward to many more adventures of Ray and Zanther." Brenda Gill, Sime~Gen

"Though filled with scenes of action, heroism, intergalactic political intrigue and high drama, the soul of 'Attack of the Rockoids' lies in its heart and passion for building a convincing tale of a love that spans the galaxy. A thrilling story!" Robert Simpson, former "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" fiction editor

"If you like Golden Age Science Fiction then you need to grab a copy of this book!" Teresa Roebuck, Just Can't Resist

Attack of the Rockoids

He Sees Her in His Dreams What inspires us?

Where do we get the ideas for a new invention, a novel, or a hot-selling computer game?

Ray Perkins, military dropout, lives a reclusive life in a Northern California cottage. He writes computer games that have been praised worldwide, and have become best sellers. But he has never told anyone but his very few closest friends the source of his inspiration for those stories: his dreams.

Almost every night since he was a victim of a strange accident during a secret military mission during the Gulf War, he has had those dreams. Horrible dreams. Of spaceships and bloody battles in outer space above a far-off planet.

And then there is she!

Her sad-eyed, beautiful face and figure dominates those dreams. She seems to call him, beckoning him. Two lost souls searching desperately for each other.

One day a chance glance at a small newspaper story about rumors of alien landings in Nevada strikes a nerve. Maybe there's a kernel of truth behind those frightening dreams. So Perkins sets off on a foolhardy mission to find the truth. And it is a terrible truth indeed, a truth that spans time and space. In our future, over 200 years from now, the alien woman of his dreams really exists. And she, too, has dreams, dreams about him.

But it's not just a story of two would-be lovers trying desperately to find each other. It is a story of imminent danger and a threat to our way of life, for this woman is also the commander of a huge armada of spaceships that are coming here to destroy the Earth!

Will Ray Perkins' impossible journey in search of his one true love and the terrifying truth behind the dreams that obsess him come to a sad, tragic fate?

"Attack of the Rockoids" is not just the story of one man's incredible search for the meaning of his own life. It is an exciting, spellbinding story of high adventure in the grand science fiction tradition.

Place your order for Rockoids II: The Coming of the Protectors

Place your order for Rockoids II: The Coming of the Protectors for By Gene Steinberg and Grayson Steinberg

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Format: Large Paperback, 314 pages, 6x9 ISBN: 1620302357 Publisher: Toad Hall Press

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Rockoids II: The Coming of the Protectors

The Future Beckons!

Ray Perkins, twenty-third century war hero and former twenty-first century computer programmer, was just getting settled into his new life in the future when suddenly an unfortunate accident thrust him back into the past. Heartbroken, frantic, he was desperate to find a way to return to his true life and his true love, Zanther, the Empress of the Rockoids.

Perkins is obsessed with the gorgeous, exotic empress and his feelings for her transcend the depths of time and space. She too is in love with him but, sadly, their relationship is forbidden by Rockoid law and there?s little chance they can ever truly be together.

But due to a twisted coincidence, Perkins gets his wish to return to the twenty-third century. A lot has changed in the short time since Perkins and Zanther came together, and forged a bond that helped to end a terrible war between their peoples. There are new threats to a fragile peace.

The most dangerous is a race of changelings called the Protectors. The Protectors are on a fanatic, holy campaign of galactic domination. It appears that nothing can stop them. On top of that, they have many well-paid and well-armed allies, forces that may not share their goals but certainly would stand to benefit from Protector control of the galaxy.

As chaos spreads and the Protectors and their allies extend their control over more and more planets, Perkins puts his amazing mental and physical skills to the test in order to fight the Protectors and save both his people and his beloved Zanther, who soon faces threats to her own life. The Protectors pursue Perkins relentlessly because, for reasons not fully understood, he is a crucial impediment to the success of their holy war. They will do anything to bring Perkins under their control...or they will kill him if he resists.

Will Ray Perkins be able to fight back? Will his love for Zanther blind him to what really needs to be done to defeat a ruthless and powerful enemy?

About the Authors

Gene Steinberg, host of two network radio shows, The Tech Night Owl LIVE and The Paracast, an award-winning best-selling author of more than 30 technology books, and a columnist for Gannett News Service, CNET and USA Today, and his son Grayson, an accomplished writer and educator, have formed a unique father-and-son writing team to create this compelling series, sure to thrill science fiction fans of all ages.

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