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    Major Forum Upgrade!

    We're currently running a special test version of our forum software. So if this doesn't work properly, please post here.
  2. Gene Steinberg

    Justice League — What Happened?

    They have also posted an "Ultimate Edition" of "Batman v. Superman" on HBO Max, and the added footage really fleshes out the story. Worth watching even if you saw the original.
  3. Gene Steinberg

    Justice League — What Happened?

    Since the original movie did middling business at the box office — well middling for a high-budget movie — there have been removes of a "Snyder Cut," the version he was working on before he left the project. Well, evidently there is one that will be completed and offered to subscribers of the...
  4. Gene Steinberg


    What can you tell me about this former Netflix executive?
  5. Gene Steinberg

    Major Forum Upgrade!

    On November 20th, we installed an early release of XF 2.1. There are enhancements to the toolbar, performance, and the avatars are now encircled, for what it's worth. Your comments are welcomed.
  6. Gene Steinberg

    Major Forum Upgrade!

    For users of the Tapatalk mobile plugin: The version available now is not compatible with XenForo 2. I'm awaiting a newer version that is. In the meantime, this forum is responsive, meaning it should look fine on an iOS or Android mobile device. If you have any problems, let me know and I'll...
  7. Gene Steinberg

    Dr. Who?

    And now Dr. Who is a woman:
  8. Gene Steinberg

    Justice League — What Happened?

    The Justice League, the group of some of the most popular super heroes, including Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and others, has been popular in the comics, and evidently as cartoon fare on TV. The movie? Not so much. It may barely earn a profit from a budget of over $300 million...
  9. Gene Steinberg

    PC: Star Trek Online Rescued From The Ashes

    After all these years, does anyone remember who won?
  10. Gene Steinberg

    The Sentinel Chronicles :The Story of One of the Internets first Science Fiction Web

    One more thing: Some of the videos listed above are no longer available and have thus been removed. I hope the original poster will help us update the links.
  11. Gene Steinberg

    Updating our new forum setup!

    Updating our new forum setup!
  12. Gene Steinberg

    Major Forum Upgrade!

    The people at XenForo have released a major upgrade to the forum system we use. So from version 1.x it goes to version 2. XenForo 2.0.0 & Add-ons Released Since it's a major upgrade, all of the add-ons we've used no longer work. So I have to start from scratch. Theme (look and feel) updates...
  13. Gene Steinberg

    Alien aliens

    As you know book 2 came out, later than we wanted, but we finished it several years later. A manuscript for a Book 3 is under development. But Grayson's work schedule — he still lives and works in Madrid — has kept him from pursuing it much. But the ideas are still out there, and we will return...
  14. Gene Steinberg

    The Sentinel Chronicles :The Story of One of the Internets first Science Fiction Web

    For some reason your post was stuck in moderation. Sorry bout that.